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some previous events

Action: Gaza, Ceasefire Now!!

stop the genocide in Gaza. See the VPAC email Bulletin

for more actions you can take: Get on the mailing list by writing

End Israeli Genocide of Palestinians

Saturday, Nov. 4

Rally and March

Battery Park, Burlington, VT



Many Actions here also, such as Ceasefire Now resolution in the U.S. Congress

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights: Take Action to Stop Gaza Genocide Now.

Jewish Voice for Peace:

VPAC Actions

Ongoing Efforts to Get the F35 out of Burlington and Vermont

Stop the assault on local residents, curb the outrageous carbon emissions, and stop

the proliferation of this nuclear bomber around the world

Keep the pressure on the Airport, on the Burlington City Council, and the Guard:

Safe Landing BTV  Safe Landing BTV      

Citizens Against Nuclear Bombers in Vermont

People for Peace and Security

James Marc Leas | Substack

Bernie Sanders Pressure 



Defend the Guard--start now to get ready for legislative session 2024
Defend The Guard | Uphold The Constitution     

Defend the Guard legislation would prohibit a state’s National Guard units from being deployed into active combat without a formal declaration of war by Congress

Alternatives to Mainstream Media

Help debunk and critically think about the media; and know how find better local and international sources.

(please see below for more resources)

Postcards for Peace

Coordinator Kristianne Gale

Media Message Talking Points and Ideas

Tax Day: Cut the Pentagon--(Annual)

This is an annual event!

Come to White River Junction Post Office (near the VA hospital)

Saturday, April 15, 10am to Noon. Bring a sign or hold one of ours!


JOIN US ON OCTOBER 4 Burlington, VT 

Peace in Ukraine Actionno more money for weapons/ talk now

meet 11am corner of Main and Church. March to Bernie Sanders office. Possible action

at intersection of Cherry and Churchbetween Noon and 1pm.Info 


"Reclaim Tomorrow: No More War" Telethon Variety Show | Junction Arts & Media (

"Reclaim Tomorrow: No More War" Telethon Variety Show | Facebook



Want to perform or speak out? Email

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