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Even after Vermonters from 83 Vermont towns, and 550 signers in all, signed the petition letter, Bernie Sanders still refuses to answer the points put forward in it. We will continue to expect a meeting with our representative to Washington--and continue to expect reason and negotiations, not bombs. 

Kate Magill reading the petition letter

March 26, 2023
Dear Senator Sanders:
We are a group of your constituents many of whom have contacted you expressing our alarm regarding U.S. foreign policy and the dismay we feel over the direction it has taken, most recently waging a proxy war against Russia and even appearing to be eager to wage war against China -- both nuclear nations! We are frankly appalled at these actions and extremely concerned that the Biden administration and apparently most of Congress seem to be going along with these views which we consider to be reckless – reckless because it appears that our government is not the least interested in peace or diplomacy. They seem bent on wanting war. 

Indeed, it seems as if the mainstream media has been captured by those who want war. Yet there are also more rational views available on the internet if one finds them. For example, we were relieved and intrigued by the recent speech (3/9/23) on the floor of the Maine senate by state senator Eric Blakey who spoke out opposing a senate bill regarding military aid to Ukraine. He said:

“...for the love of all people caught up in this war — for the conscripted and enslaved men of Ukraine and Russia pitted against each other to the death for the benefit of oligarchs; for the many dead and displaced civilians; for those starving across the world from the consequences of war in the Ukrainian breadbasket; for those in Europe, America, and Maine freezing this winter due to natural gas shortages; and for everyone alive today and generations yet unborn who face the very real threat of nuclear annihilation — we must demand immediate diplomacy to end to this war.”

While we agree with Blakey’s concerns, to us it was his last sentence which resonated most, for we are acutely aware that we face the very real threat of nuclear annihilation and/or the slower suffering of either radiation poisoning or starvation due to food shortages on a massive scale as vast amounts of smoke particles in the upper atmosphere would obscure the sun for months and years.

We support a ceasefire and negotiations. We were disappointed that in your recent letter of February 27 to constituents, no mention was made regarding the possibility of peace or diplomacy. As the scenario has seemed to shift recently with peace plans having been proposed on the world stage, but with no U.S. response, we want you to begin to engage now, in good
faith, to help end this proxy war. 

We’re grateful for your December vote against the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023 and that you support ending the war in Yemen. We urge you, Senator Sanders, to convince your colleagues on both sides of the aisle to accompany you in taking a strong leadership role in 
demanding that the Biden administration back away from the war in Ukraine. It is also imperative that our government back away from being involved in any war with China. We must recognize that this is now a multi-polar world. 

To that end, we want to establish a dialogue with you in an in-person meeting during one of the times you are in Vermont before this summer. We represent many towns and cities in Vermont, and we look forward to hearing your response.




Some Background for our Signers:     

Dear Vermont Friends and Neighbors (and Bernie Sanders constituents),
The Vermont Peace/Anti-War Coalition launched in January 2023. This Petition Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders is our first effort at gathering widespread Vermonters' support for ending U.S. war making.  Many of us in Vermont believe it is time to unite on this issue--and not be divided. No matter what your views or affiliation, please join us in signing the letter to Senator Sanders asking him to review his foreign policy of writing blank checks to Ukraine and the weapons manufacturers. We are also asking for an in-person meeting to discuss Sanders bringing our views to Washington. The due date we have set for mailing the letter is Tax Day, Tuesday, April 18. Tax Day is coming up soon, so please share this link and letter widely with your own friends and neighbors!  Please visit us at Vermont Peace/Anti-War Coalition on Facebook and on the web:
Vermont Peace/Anti-War Coalition

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